Portland Tribune

Won first-place regional awards for projects, comprehensive coverage and spot news as the criminal justice reporter for this 100,000-circ twice-weekly – chosen the nation’s best non-daily paper in 2006 – and its frequently updated website. Co-founded a consortium of reporters from different publications dedicated to increasing the use of public records at media outlets statewide. When the issue of cops using force erupted after a man died in custody, built records databases and showed that 10 percent of cops accounted for almost 50 percent of all uses of force. Broke the story of male jail inmate disappearing for two hours, sneaking into the cell of a mentally-challenged female inmate for sex. Other stories on the holes in county-run jail-intake background checks prompted broad changes in those policies. Told the story of a hoodoo ritual performed to keep undercover drug cops quiet at trial. Reported and wrote a series on ex-drug cops sick from exposure to meth-lab chemicals.