Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Lead cops reporter for this 170,000-circ statewide daily. A go-to reporter for front-page enterprise, breaking news and features. Developed strong sources who often help us keep ahead of the news and our competitors. Document sleuth. Work closely with new reporters and interns, training them in certain types of information-gathering and writing. Won awards for spot news and beat reporting from state SPJ and APME chapters. Broke the story of a deal a police chief made with a city councilor so a client of hers wouldn’t go to jail despite an arrest warrant. Revealed that state police had used Tasers lacking any policy allowing them and had never approved issuing them. First to confirm the firing of hospital employees for peeking at the medical records of a high-profile patient. Told the inside story of how a state employee embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars in small cash amounts. Brought readers inside little-watched police decertification hearings. Showed how some attorneys put people put in jail in civil debt cases. When a police department began paying to send certain prisoners to a neighboring county jail because the one it was supposed to use was too full, profiled the first criminal they decided to ship out. A police officer who was denied disability benefits for his PTSD credited my cove rage with his later victory – the first of its kind in the state.