Friendly feedback

“What a great lede on the dog-toe-gun story. That was laugh-out-loud funny.” – e-mail from a colleage, 4/1/10.

“You should consider another line of work. Will you ever top today? Great work.” – e-mail from the deputy editor, 4/1/2010.

“It was wholly a pleasure to read the story by Jacob Sanders on the Jax policeman who won his worker’s comp case. A complicated tale, made understandable by Jacob.” – internal critique, 3/29/10.

“That is classic – and expertly done – deadline crime reporting by Jacob Sanders.” – internal critique, 9/28/07.

The story was written to build suspense, and did so successfully. … Did we consider this for the front page?” – internal critique, 1/15/08.

“… remarkably good newsgathering by Jacob.” – internal critique, 5/22/09.

“Best read in the paper ….” – internal critique, 6/17/07.

“Jacob Sanders did a masterful job …. He synthesized hundreds of pages of documents and wrote a story the content of which makes the reader go, go, go to the very end.” – internal critique, 11/21/08.

“Gold star to Jacob ‘Bulldog’ Sanders, who tracked down the truth about the firings …” – internal critique, 11/20/08.

“You have a lot of talent.” – e-mail from exec. editor, 5/22/09.

“Good stuff from Jacob Sanders. He wrote about the state police and its Taser policy. Actually, there is no Taser policy. But they have plenty of Tasers. Something doesn’t add up.” – internal critique, 2/26/08.

“… Jacob Sanders demonstrated great energy as [he] filed updates for the web on the bridge disaster.” – internal critique, 4/3/08.

“A finely crafted feature ….” – internal critique, 9/14/09.

“Good job …. You’ve picked up a lot of local LR history in your brief time here.” – note from exec. editor, 6/19/07.

“You’ve been a great member of the team.” – e-mail from managing editor, 11/25/08.

  1. myrna says:

    hello, great web-site!!.I’m a Spanish free lancer writer I’m looking for a newspaper in Arkansas especially the democrat Gazette in 1974. I’m trying to write a story of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. his name was Edward Morris Greenwald. unfortunately the information that I have found is very limited. is there is any possible way you might be able to direct me to the right direction? thank you for your great web-site.

  2. shelley R. Wyatt says:

    The story on Vince Wyatt ( my cousin i never knew) was really Sad.. but the truth.

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