Jacob Quinn Sanders.

Ten years of reporting and writing experience at large daily newspapers, mid-sized dailies and a 100,000-circ nationally recognized twice-weekly in Pennsylvania, California, Oregon and Arkansas. I’ve gotten confidential documents handed to me in the cab of a truck in a fast-food parking lot and built databases of public records. I’ve investigated cops, a pastor and unsolved criminal cases. I wrote compelling stories from the heart of a soul-sucking desert, let readers in to see a Christian rave, and captured a snapshot of the last night in the self-inflicted downfall of a once-promising local politician. One favorite put a human face on the cold process of decertifying police officers.

Or, if you think you might like me to work for you but newspapers aren’t quite your thing, I analyze, interpret and translate vast amounts of information on tight deadlines without neglecting detail and nuance, making it understandable and even engaging to hundreds of thousands of readers. I’m resourceful and creative, finding and vetting multiple human and documentary sources quickly — some of which either don’t want to be found or that certain people don’t want me to find.

Good times.

To contact: j.q.sanders@gmail.com

I’m also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook — the usual.