Looking through different eyes.

Posted: September 19, 2010 in The job

Ever since I got my new phone, I’ve become a little different as a reporter.

I’m a writer, so I often think in words, using images as a guide. Go to something — press conference, crime scene, someone’s office or house — and translate what I’m looking at into pages and pages of scribbles in my notebook.

But I’d been wanting something to compare to my instant impression, a different, removed second opinion on the image. So I’ve been taking more pictures. Just for myself as I write.

I still write down the phrases that leap to mind as I’m looking at something, still take notes, but I take photos, too, as a reference for later, a check on my own perspective.

I did this a few times with the crappy camera on my old BlackBerry. Helped, but not like I’d hoped.

Sometimes it’s just a larger sense of the scene, like with this one.

But then came this story last week. I stumbled across it and figured whatever happened would be something worth writing about. A little slice of daily life and struggle.

When I went out to the property, I made my usual notes. Then I added these:

It was one of two stories I wrote that day for the front of our local section.

I made time as I wrote this one to go back through the descriptions and phrases in my notebook and also to look back through my photos for reference. It made my descriptions sharper in the story and, I’d like to think, a little more vivid. All because I had something with which I could challenge and refresh my memory and perspective.

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